Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!!

…many of you remember hearing those very words most afternoons after school on the old television show, “Lost in Space”.  Okay, I’m showing my age here, but I loved that show!  If the truth be known, I had a crush on Will Robinson!  Why?  I don’t know!  What was I thinking?!  (Others of you have no idea what show I’m talking about because you’re too young:)  Each week the Robinson family, Major Don West, Mr. Smith and the Robot were struggling to survive on various planets while always striving to find their way back to Earth.  Robot and Will were always together and whenever Robot sensed danger ahead he would begin swinging his robotic arms saying, “Danger, danger, Will Robinson!”  As silly as it may seem, this phrase keeps coming to me today as I begin to share what God has laid on my heart. 

However, today I am saying to you, “Danger, Danger my fellow Christians!” We are living in a day and time when we as Christians are finding ourselves in a SURVIVAL mode rather than a VICTORIOUS one!  Self-help book sales and counseling are at an all-time high and “life coaching” is now a profession!  We as Christians are too often looking for someone or something that can prop us up and help us survive from week to week.  I feel this is because we play patty-cake with issues we should be declaring war on!  I want to stress that I am NOT against people looking to other means of “Godly” wisdom, guidance and direction, but when we allow these things to replace God (the original life coach) and His written Word (the original self-help book) then we have a BIG problem.

God does not want us to merely tolerate Satan and every sweeping attack he sends down the pike!  Some of us are better at dodging Satan’s bullets than we are building our own spiritual arsenal for our days at battle.  And in some cases, we are counseling issues that we use to cast out.  Enough is enough!  Christ desires for us to OVERTAKE and to OVERCOME!  We have been anointed with the power of His Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ has given us HIS authority over ALL the power of the enemy.  To merely see Satan for who he is and to recognize his tactics is not enough.  We cannot afford to be passive in this way.  We can’t sit by and watch Satan at work hoping to make it through another day. Regardless of the battle, whether it’s sickness, mental illness, family issues, divorce, financial ruin, emotional struggles, bad habits, depression, panic attacks…whatever the battle…. it is time to declare war!

Anything that threatens our well-being as a child of God is our enemy.   How can we fight the enemy…and win?  Well, it’s not by stomping on Satan’s toe, sticking our tongue out when he looks our way, or saying, “Now, Devil, you are really making me mad.”  No!  We must say, “Satan, I’ve had enough and I declare war on you this very day!”  It is by calling on an almighty God that makes Satan tremble at the very mention of his name!  I love this!  The Psalmist David states in Psalm 18 that under God’s anointing he could “bend a bow of bronze,” (vs. 34) He also said: “ I pursued my enemies and overtook them, and I did not turn my back until they were consumed” (vs. 37).  BE REMINDED: HOWEVER, that David was first called to be a worshiper of God and we are called to do the same.   David never pursued his enemies without first pursuing God, but when the Lord led him into battle…he thoroughly defeated his enemies!  Praise God!  Either we pursue our enemies or our enemies will pursue us.   In 1 John 3: 8 it tells us that Christ came “to destroy the works of the devil”.   He came to destroy depression!  He came to destroy physical sickness!  He came to destroy every issue that threatens our families!  He came to destroy mental illnesses!  He came to destroy bad habits!  He came to destroy rotten attitudes!  He came to destroy jealousy!  He came to destroy competitiveness!  He came to destroy cancer.  He came to destroy ANYTHING that threatens our well-being as a child of God.   

The Holy Spirit is searching in us for a determination like David had.  We must pursue our enemies until they are consumed.  It is this aggressive attitude of our hearts that causes us to grow and mature in Christ.   Jesus never allowed evil spirits to control Him.  If we did this, can you imagine how our lives would change for the better?  Christ was always aggressive towards His spiritual enemies.  There is never a neutral ground in spiritual warfare.  There is no room for a passive spirit in God’s army.  Be strong in the Lord and never give up hope.  Do this so we can move from hearing, “danger, danger, my fellow Christians,” to hearing, “Well done, my good and faithful servant!"